Saturday, 1 August 2009

No one will read this.

But incase you do, here's what's going down.
Strangers of the world, you asked to read my writing, you asked for a place you could view it instead of searching through the overcrowded scrapbook of Tumblr to find it. So, Strangers, this is what I have created. Especially for you.
This will be a display of my work, as opposed to the interactive journal I jot down pointless thoughts, funny things and beautiful images into. [Tumblr.]

So. I hope you enjoy. More so than my photography, you are going to be seeing further into my brain, my thoughts and my emotions, my fears and my hopes.


  1. This Stranger thanks you for the opportunity to know you besides from your pictures :)

    I know this Stranger will try to honour the gift we've been given, 'cause I of all Strangers also know how it may be to open oneself up to equally strange Strangers.