Wednesday, 12 August 2009

last night.

we laid in the grass in a field outside of town and we didnt mind that it was getting colder or that the grass was a little damp against our backs, because we realised there was so much more to care about than that. we stared up at the sky which stretched across us in a giant dome of black and navy and purple and swirls of grey cloud, scattered with a hundred thousand specs of glowing dust. the moon was huge and so close it looked like we could climb the trees and reach out to it, it lit up the field so we could see eachother perfectly, casting long shadows across the grass. all our bodies were lined up close and warm and we talked and realised how infinite space was, and how we were looking into the past. and we waited and waited in excited expectation for the meteor shower theyd promised us, and we gasped and clapped and screamed when the stars started shooting across the sky. we saw the satellites in orbit, making their slow way across the world, and the planes flying fast up high, flashing red and blue. we pointed out the constellations in patterns above us. and when it was over, we stood up and hugged eachother as we stood in the moonlight, because there was no where on earth we’d rather have been.


  1. that is absolutely beautiful. well done :)

  2. i LOVE this. i can't tell you how many times i've read it. it draws such a picture in my head. and there's something about it i can't get enough. you should write a book. i would absolutely buy it.