Monday, 31 May 2010

wow so i have so much to post

i don't like putting it on my tumblr but forgot about this outlet. so this is a poem i wrote on the meeting of sylvia plath and ted hughes. if you don't know about that, google it. it's in the works, still.

two distant stars, though once

separated by infinity, now hurled

with all the power of this earth

against the other. matter and it’s mate

with bared teeth and hungry eyes

and fierce minds and empty hands

created a crescent moon, blood red

that kissed his skin and wept,

sunk deep into his heart and scarred it too,

her milk pulsed into his veins

as she gifted him with love’s wound,

to match her own scars.

galaxies stretched between

but a fading half moon marked him

as hers, his pen drew from his heart

three words: ‘i am here’

(she believed he’d always be)

magnetism bound their paths,

gravity held and fate spun until

their orbits passed once more

and with violent fire eclipsed,

burned so bright it blinded

two scarred stars with light enough

to reflect the other.

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  1. One of my favourite couples. the film 'Sylvia' is so lovely as well and is what introduced me to how tragic their relationship was.